The HealthTech For Care endowment fund, launched by France Biotech is designed to support and promote access to care for all and, more specifically, to new medical technologies and drugs. The initiatives and events of the fund with a European dimension will bring together all the actors involved in the medical innovation value chain allowing better coordination within the European health ecosystem. HealthTech For Care is administrated by a board.


Our Missions statement :

Our Missions statement

Fostering the growth and development of the entire health ecosystem.

Fostering the growth and development of the entire health ecosystem.

Contributing to a better coordination and understanding of the practices of health professionals in the interest of patients and medical research.

Supporting actions relating to the creation of a local, national and international ecosystem of organized care pathways.

Advocating for the advancement of innovative therapies and treatments to benefit patients.

Advocating for the advancement of innovative therapies and treatments to benefit patients.


Supporting programs and actions that promote innovation and medical progress.

Stimulating the funding of dedicated research programs.

Stimulating the financing of the development of and access to innovative therapies and treatments.

Promoting enhanced access to care for patients within the European healthcare ecosystem.

Promoting enhanced access to care for patients within the European healthcare ecosystem.

Promoting the exchange and dissemination of information on innovative therapies, treatments and therapeutic approaches.

Supporting patients’ associations, by organizing meetings dedicated to improving the state of related research between the various players in the health.

The governance of HealthTech For Care, led by President Pierre Courteille, brings together independent experts from across the healthcare innovation value chain for patients.

Our international Board

Pierre Courteille

Chairman of HealthTech For Care

Before being appointed President of the HealthTech For Care endowment fund (HTFC) in December 2023, Pierre Courteille significantly contributed to the fund as its co-founder, board member, and treasurer. Pierre brings over 25 years of experience in marketing, Read More


Maryvonne Hiance

Honorary President of HealthTech For Care

Maryvonne Hiance graduated in 1972 from the École Polytechnique Féminine de Sceaux, and later from the Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires de Grenoble In 1986, she moved to Nantes and played a key role in the creation of…Read More

Elsy Boglioli

CEO at Bio-up

A healthcare advisory firm supporting companies in strong scale up or transformation phases, mainly in the field of cell and gene therapy. She has far-reaching expertise and a broad network within the pharma and medtech industries…Read More

Damien Catoir

Executive Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Servier

Damien Catoir came aboard the Servier Group in April 2023, as Executive Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. He is a member of the Group Executive Committee… Read More

Marc Dechamps

CEO of Bioxodes

Biologist with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry dating back more than 35 years. During his career, he has worked for corporate pharma companies including GSK & ViiVHealthcare, building his expertise… Read More

Christian Deleuze

COO for Innovation Sanofi & Chairman of Medicen Paris Region

From 2010 until October 2021, Christian Deleuze served as the General Manager of the Specialty Medicines Unit at Sanofi. On November 1, 2021, he assumed the role of Deputy General Manager for Innovation, reporting to…Read More

Eric Falcand

CEO, Neopharmed Gentili

Eric Falcand has over 35 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in General Management, Business Development and commercialization of Rx drugs in various Leadership positions at Synthelabo (now Sanofi) and Servier… Read More

Frédéric Girard

Senior VP & Commercial Operations Europe at DBV Technologies

Doctor in Medicine and holder of a DESS in Business Administration, Frédéric Girard has worked for more than 30 years for the life sciences industry, in France and in different European countries. His experience covers a wide range of products…Read More

Marc Julien

CEO of EIT Health France

Marc holds a MSc from the Ecole des Mines de Nancy and an MBA from INSEAD. During his 30 years of working experience, he worked as a strategic consultant or investor in major leading companies (LEK Consulting, Schneider Electric …) Read More

Anaïs Le Corvec

Network Management at CEBR & Co-founder Cliclab


Cédric Moreau

Partner at Sofinnova Partners

Cedric Moreau is a Partner at Sofinnova Partners and a key member of the Crossover Strategy team. He joined the firm in June 2018, bringing 18 years of experience in life sciences investment banking….Read More

Christian Pierret

Former French Minister of Industry

Christian Policard

Founding Partner at Biotech Development Conseils

Doctor in Biochemistry, who has traversed the spectrum of scientific and business leadership in the biomedical and biopharmaceutical arena. He has been Executive Vice-President and Executive Board Member of Sanofi… Read More

Françoise Sellin

Consultant Patient Partner – President of Expertise-Patient

Françoise Sellin, who now defines herself as a patient-partner consultant, was diagnosed with cancer in 1998. She then left her job as a bookseller to dedicate herself to improving the healthcare journey and quality of life for patients and their caregivers. Read More

The involvement of the HTFC international independent experts board members through working groups aim to accelerate care for the patient:

Our Team

Sophie Villedieu
Sophie VilledieuManaging Director
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Angélique Introini
Angélique IntroiniInternational Project Manager
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Mohamed Zraigui
Mohamed Zraigui Communication Manager
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Alima Sakho
Alima SakhoOperation Assistant