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Science For Care is about 8 episodes around 10 minutes each that you can listen by walking, driving, taking the subway, waiting for the bus … everywhere ! Each episode will take you behind the scenes of the medical breakthroughs that changed patients‘ lives. You can find all episodes on podcast applications but also on Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music. Science For Care is broadcasted twice a month, every Thursday, starting from 28 July 2022! We hope you will enjoy listening. Feel free to share Science For Care with your friends, colleagues or family!

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In this episode, we’ll be talking about mRNA vaccines and Dr Katalin Kariko, the great scientist behind this discovery. For many years, Dr Kariko’s work was dismissed and considered a waste of time. When she started working on mRNA, no one paid attention to her research. But of course, no one could imagine then, that one day it would help fight the biggest pandemic of our lifetimes. Dr Kariko never gave up on her obsession with mRNA, and we are oh so glad she didn’t!

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Explore the intricate weave of technology and healthcare in this eye-opening episode. Host Anca Petre journeys into the heart of metaverses, tracing its inception from the times of Lucasfilm Games in 1986 to its popularization by author Neal Stephensen in 1992. But it’s not just about virtual landscapes; it’s about their profound potential in revolutionizing healthcare.

In this episode, host Anca Petre takes listeners on a journey from the revolutionary discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928 to the challenging landscape of antibiotic resistance we face today. Once heralded as miracle drugs, antibiotics have reshaped modern medicine, increasing human life expectancy and preventing potential pandemics. However, their misuse has led to rising challenges, including the grave threat of antibiotic resistance.

Journey with Anca Petre on Science for Care as we traverse the timeline of medical imaging. Remember the early days when diagnosing ailments seemed like a mystical dance? Dive deep into the ingenuity of Dr. Rene Laennec and his creation of the stethoscope, an invention that forever changed the realm of medicine.

Delve into the enigmatic world of endometriosis – a gynecological condition with a history that spans millennia but has only recently gained formal recognition. Journey through its murky waters, from its ancient attributions to its first scientific mention in 1860 by Karel Rokitansky.

Welcome to another exhilarating episode of Science for Care. This week, we take you on an extraordinary voyage through time and innovation as we unearth the power and potential of gene therapy. Picture this: a superhero with the might to rewrite our genetic code, mending genetic typos, and filling the blanks. That’s gene therapy for you!

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