How HealthTech For Care could be foreseen as the right organizer?

The fund's initiatives and events, with a European dimension, will bring together all the players involved in the medical innovation value chain, enabling better coordination within the European health ecosystem. The development of methods and spaces for sharing anonymized health data is essential to accelerate the development of innovative solutions for the patient.

Our Objectives


The anonymized health data sharing tools currently being developed and allow patient associations and other key players in the health innovation ecosystem to exchange on their expectations so that these tools meet patient-focused projects.


The difficulty accessing data for some clinical trials and how to optimize the use of these data to speed up patient access to these drugs.


Concrete cases at the European level to demonstrate the power of our healthy European ecosystem and the need to play a collective game.

“HealthTech For Patients is completely in line with HealthTech For Care’s strategy to ensure that all innovative French and European technologies are accessible to all patients who are therefore key in the process.»
Maryvonne Hiance
President of HealthTech For Care