European Patient Observatory

European Patient Observatory


To promote and defend a european policy that encourages medical innovation while ensuring fair access for care all european patients.

4 European initiatives for a better equity in Europe:

Diga fast-track procedure

Digital therapies are revolutionising the world of healthcare, altering treatment paths and the options available to patients.
But the massive arrival of so many innovations on the market’s
doorstep is forcing the regulatory authorities to adapt.
Germany took the lead four years ago with the DIGA.
A system that is inspiring other countries.

National Plans for rare diseases

National rare disease plans and the organization of European
rare disease networks aim to reduce diagnostic delays, stimulate clinical research, and establish cross-border networks between healthcare practitioners and patient associations. France and Belgium have been pionners in France for the past ten years in that field, implementing ambitious programs that could inspire others in Europe.

EU Patient-Centric Clinical Trial Platform or EU-PEARL

Ensuring swift access to clinical trial is a moral requierement toward european patients as well as a condition to create a favorable environment for research and development of new medication.
Launched in Spain with the support of IHI and spread in all Europe, EU-Pearl is an inspiring initiative responding to thoses challenges.

Early Access and/or Compassionate Care Initiative

In Europe, there is a wide variety of mechanisms allowing patients in therapeutic impasse to benefit from unapproved treatments, often still in development.
However, the conditions and timelines for access, as well as the allocated budgetary resources, vary significantly from one country to another, creating
situations of inequity. Harmonization of these systems in Europe is necessary.
The French and Italian systems, among the oldest, can serve as a model.

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