At the Healthtech space
In Paris, Palais Brongniart
16 Pl. de la Bourse, 75002 Paris

Tuesday, October 24th 2023

08:40am - 09:10am

Coffee reception

09:10am - 10:20am

Pitch session 1

10:25am - 11:10am

Welcoming coffee

11:25am - 12:10pm

Opening Ceremony

12:15pm - 12:35pm

Introducing : European fund for digital sovereignty
  • Alain GODARD, Chairman and Managing Director, European Fund for Digital Sovereignty, the "European Tech Champions Initiative"

12:35pm - 01:30pm

Lunch & Networking

01:30pm - 02:15pm

How macro-economic forces are shaping European healthcare innovation

02:20pm - 02:35pm

Crossed views: Supporting the growth of HealthTech companies to enhance innovation to the benefit of patients

02:40pm - 03:25pm

Innovative new licensing and M&A deals in healthtech

03:40pm - 04:15pm

From prevention to treatments together with patients

04:20pm - 04:50pm

Virtual universe in healthtech, what does it bring to patients?

05:05pm - 05:50pm

Making the EU a more attractive playground now and for the future

05:55pm - 07:05pm

Pitch session 2

07:05pm - 08:35pm


Wednesday, October 25th 2023

07:30am - 08:00am

Coffee reception

08:00am - 09:00am

Pitch session 3

09:10am - 09:50am

Can biotechs succeed outside Boston?

09:55am - 10:30am

Unlocking opportunities in Asia for European healthtech companies

10:45am - 11:45pm

Pitch session 4

11:50am - 12:05pm

Introducing : HERA missions (Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority)

12:10pm - 12:25pm

Introducing : European health position

12:25pm - 01:25pm

Lunch & Networking

01:25pm - 01:40pm

Introducing : Translating science into survival, reporting on the evolution of the immunotherapy hub
  • Christoph HUBER, Professor emeritus hematology-oncology Johannes-Gutenberg-University, co-founder BioNTech SE and TRON GmbH

01:45pm - 02:30pm

Oncology : new tools to optimize therapeutic solution development from discovery to lifecycle management

02:35pm - 03:15pm

Non violent therapies : Toposteric effect
  • Max HERZBERG, Chairman, Vidac Pharma (moderator)
  • Wolfgang LINK, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Institute of Biomedical Research Alberto Sols (IIBM)
  • Laetitia LINARES, PhD MetaSarc, Metabolism and sarcoma IRCM, Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier INSERM U1194
  • Lyora AHARONOV, co-founder and CEO, EMRIS Pharma

03:20pm - 03:55pm

Metabolic diseases: trends and funding issues-innovation

04:10pm - 04:45pm

Entrepreneurs’ strategies for success when navigating through rough waters

04:50pm- 05:30pm

Strengthening diversity among all stakeholders: an opportunity and an imperative

05:40pm - 06:00pm

Pitch Award
  • Bernard HINAULT, five time Tour de France Winner and Association Cardiac des Monts ambassador
  • Jean Phillipe VERHOYE, MD,PhD Chief department of Thoracic and cardiovascular Surgery Co-Director of INSERM Unit U1099 LTSI University Hospital Rennes1

06:05pm - 07:20pm

Closing ceremony & cocktail

Coffee and beverages will be served all day long

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